Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brilliant Observer article


This brilliant piece, 'What will you feel when you have no children left to wave goodbye to?' by novelist Nicci Gerrard says it all.
I love: 'This empty-nest syndrome is a form of happiness. It's an ache of love, a good and proper sadness.' And even better:   'It feels important to be reckless, selfish and young again - open to change.'

Friday, 11 May 2012

Still can't bear to clear out their rooms....

My daughter's been back at uni for three weeks now, but I still can't bear to empty her ashtray. It sits in a corner of the kitchen,  conjuring up an instant reminder of her sitting there playing the guitar and chatting and generally hanging about.  I know it sounds sluttish, and even I can see that old fag ends are disgusting. And of course I wish she didn't smoke. But......
  I haven't tidied her room either.  My eldest's room is full of junk too, and he moved out eight years ago!  Even though I'd love his room to work in, or make it nice for visitors - even another lodger! -  I just can't bear to ask him to clear it out. When that happens it will be a breakthrough of sorts, but in the meantime I suppose I'll just carry on shoving his stuff into a corner.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Boomerang Generation bites back!

'Cuckoo in the Nest: 28 and back with mum and dad'  by Nat Luurtsema (Hodder & Stoughton)  is a 20-something's  account of moving back home.    Nat is a gimlet-eyed stand-up comic and some of the domestic detail is blush-makingly familiar.  But it's always good to see the other side. The chances are that it's harder for them than it is for you.

Ultimately it's positive; Nat reckons the experience made her relationship with her parents more equal. That's what I like to think too...

But perhaps that's because she was only back home for a matter of months.... unlike so many Boomerang kids.  Not sure my Adam and Alice feel as positive about being back with mum n dad post uni...