Friday, 23 October 2015

What can you do when you're feeling blue?

There are bound to be bad days  -  days when you miss your child desperately and mourn the end of family life.   Nothing can distract you, and the idea of having more time to yourself is no compensation at all.
Facing that stark emptiness is hard. Here's how I coped: simple steps, but they got me through:


  • Think of a simple activity you can rely on to make you feel better,  and make time for it every day. If nothing springs to mind, it's worth reflecting on  - look back to what you enjoyed as a child for clues.  
  • Get a pile of DVDs you really want to watch (no duffers) and get stuck in.
  • Make playlists of tunes that make you sad and tunes that make you happy. Alternate between the two. 
  • Do something you can do on auto-pilot that's creative: for me that's knitting, baking a cake and rag-rugging. Or maybe one of those adult colouring books and Magic/Classic FM?   
  • Listen to Radio 4 dramas
  • Write your diary. 
  • Swim
  • Compile a book of inspiring quotes.  My favourite is from Nile Rodgers of disco legends Chic.    When asked how he coped with cancer Rodgers quoted Finding Nemo.  'When life gets you down you know what you've got to do: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….Just keep swimming….'